Me by Tinybop helps children tell their own stories

Tinybop is one of the most creative and thoughtful children’s apps developers we’ve written about: from Weather and Skyscrapers to The Everything Machine, its apps get kids fizzing with ideas about the world around them.

The company’s latest iPhone and iPad app, Me by Tinybop, is one of the most interesting yet. It’s an app that wants to get children creating their own stories about their lives and feelings.

Me by Tinybop

“Create avatars for yourself, your BFFs, family, and pets. Write crazy jokes, silly songs, or wild poems. Share your likes and dislikes, LOLs, wishes, and secrets,” explains its App Store listing.

“Doodle your favourite things. Imagine your future. Remember your dreams. Write, draw, and record anything and everything.”

Kids start by creating their characters using a set of simple tools, and can then choose from hundreds of questions to answer: what their secret talent is, who they hope to meet, what they do when they feel happy and more.

The answers can use words, photos, drawings and sound recordings: animated stories that can be played and replayed. Tinybop has made a point of letting parents know the app is a “safe space” though: nothing is shared from it unless your child decides they want to.

Some children are naturally excellent at talking about their feelings, while others take more time and effort to feel comfortable with self-expression. Me by Tinybop is a great tool for both, but I think it could be particularly useful for the second category of kids – and their parents.

I can also see it being used by children and parents together, taking turns to answer the questions and talk about what they create. Of course, some kids will prefer to keep the app all to themselves, which is fine too.

There’s a good blog post on Tinybop’s website about the developer’s aims. “At a time when teachers are reporting an increase in bullying and anxiety among kids in their classrooms… our goal with Me is to help kids build skills like self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional literacy.”

Me by Tinybop costs £2.49 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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