Monster Chords app teaches kids the guitar and ukulele

We have a ukulele at home. Occasionally our seven year-old grabs it and gives us a rendition of his latest favourite pop hit. To use some X Factor lingo he, ahem, really makes it his own.

But in all seriousness, the ukulele and guitar are quite popular instruments for children to learn. A new app called Monster Chords could get your kids started and build their confidence, outside any lessons they’re doing already.

Monster Chords

It’s the work of a developer called Wave Cortex, and is available for iPhone and iPad as a free download, although a monthly subscription of £1.49 unlocks all its content.

“This app makes learning every chord a fun challenge, and it removes the tedium that can come with music learning by making it a game.Perfect for beginners of all ages, all you need is a guitar or ukulele,” explains its App Store listing.

The app stars a bunch of shy monsters, who skulk in the shadows of a forest until they hear music. Your child’s job is to provide those tunes by strumming on their real-world instrument.

“Play the right chords in time with the music to draw them out of hiding. Each time you play the correct chord, the monsters move closer towards your campfire. If you make a mistake, they will go back into hiding,” explains the blurb.

The songs will be familiar: London Bridge is Falling Down, I’m a Little Teapot and Mary Had a Little Lamb are all included, alongside some original songs with more of a modern feel.

As children play, they get a star rating for their skills, which will help them see how they’re improving over time. There are 30 levels to work through, with the first five free in the initial download. Beyond that point, you’ll need to pay.

Monster Chords is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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