ScreenPlay app combines coding and storytelling

We love apps that get children started with coding (or programming, if you prefer). And we also love apps that encourage kids’ storytelling instincts. A new app called ScreenPlay does both.

Released for iPhone and iPad, it’s the work of a developer called Barbara Kudiess, and is aimed at 9-11 year-old children.


“Are you up for a challenge? Have you ever wondered how actors learn to act? Sam, Zemo and Liam think acting is all about following instructions, but they’re too young to know the instructions, so that’s why they need your help,” explains its listing on Apple’s App Store.

“Guide these young explores though each world and find out what’s special about each one of them. Each world will present a new theme and different puzzles, no mentioning the costumes our characters get.”

As with several other learn-to-code apps that we’ve covered, the aim here is to teach children some early programming concepts, within something that feels more like a game (and, indeed, a story) than a lesson.

“Each character is guided by actions that mimic abstract concepts, making them much easier to understand and learn,” claims its blurb. “The levels progress at a nice rhythm to both entertain and assure concepts are understood.”

We like the look of its graphics, as well as the way it’s based around characters. A fun touch is the fact that your children (and you, if you like!) can use those characters in Apple’s iMessage app, thanks to a companion set of stickers.

ScreenPlay – Program Your Story costs £0.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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