Spot the Gruffalo with his new augmented reality app

As I write this, it’s rainy and horrible outside, and chasing round the woods hunting for the Gruffalo is the last thing on my mind. But once the weather cheers up, it sounds like an excellent idea.

The Gruffalo Spotter is the latest official Gruffalo app from Magic Light Pictures, which as well as making the two Gruffalo animated films has released a series of apps based on him.

The Gruffalo Spotter

The best thing about the new one – available for iPhone, iPad and Android – is that it’s all about getting your children out into the real world, rather than just looking at a tablet or smartphone on the sofa.

It’s designed to be used at 26 Forestry Commission sites across England, with the idea being that you download it onto your smartphone before you set out to visit them.

“Families will follow clues on an interactive trail and track signs of their favourite characters based on The Gruffalo,” explains its app store listing.

“The self-led trail is packed with fun facts about forest animals with fantastic activities along the way. Once families have spotted the characters, they can use the app to bring the 3D character animation to life and take photos alongside them.”

If you followed the palaver around the Pokémon Go game last year, this app is using similar technology – it’s called ‘augmented reality’ – and a similar goal of getting children walking and exploring.

The trails launched in mid-February, and will be running until the end of September, so there’s plenty of time to grab the app, figure out which forests you want to visit, and then get walking.

It sounds just the thing for the Easter and summer holidays this year, if you’re within snuffling distance of one of the forests.

The Gruffalo Spotter is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and a free download for Android devices from the Google Play store.

Want more Gruffalo fun on your tablet or smartphone? Try The Gruffalo and the Vanishing Wood or Gruffalo Games. And keep up with our coverage on what’s available by checking our Gruffalo apps for kids archives.

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