The Powerpuff Girls get their own Story Maker app

The return of The Powerpuff Girls has been one of the most welcome stories in children’s entertainment in recent years. The adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are holding a new generation of children rapt.

Now those children have a new way to make up their own stories featuring the characters, thanks to an app called The Powerpuff Girls Story Maker which was released this week by Cartoon Network for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Powerpuff Girls Story Maker

It’s a free app, and as its title makes clear, it’s hoping to encourage children’s imaginations.

“This is a creativity-focussed game where your child can animate their own Powerpuff Girls stories. You can help your child make their very own adventures and let them get creative,” explains its app store listing.

“Your child can create: select their favourite Powerpuff Girls characters on to the animation stage, add props, and then record their voice to bring the scene to life. The end result is their very own personalised story you can then save to your mobile or tablet and show off your child’s talents with friends and family.”

We’ve seen other apps like this. For example, Disney’s Story Theatre apps based on various films and characters; Nosy Crow’s Fairytale Play Theatre; and Google’s recently-relaunched Toontastic 3D.

None of these apps are intended to replace real-world creativity and storytelling. In fact, they often spark it: when the tablet is turned off, children carry on the creative play.

The Powerpuff Girls Story Maker is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and a free download for Android from the Google Play store, with no in-app purchases.

If your children love The Powerpuff Girls, we can point you in the direction of another game too: Flipped Out. Released in 2016, we didn’t get to review it at the time, but it’s a highly-entertaining blend of match-three puzzling and action, featuring the same characters.

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