Poet Assistant (English) APK 1.26.6

English rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, dictionary, simple editor with playback.
Published by  Carmen Alvarez
Downloading Poet Assistant (English) v 1.26.6
SIZE19.55 MB
UPLOAD DATEJul 4, 2018
WHATS NEW1.26.6: Maintenance and add adaptive launcher icon.

1.26.5: Maintenance release.

1.26.4: Fixed one bug where the reader wouldn't play the text if the cursor was positioned near the end of the text.

1.26.3: Maintenance release.

1.26.2: Crash fixes.

1.26.0/1.26.1: Maintenance release. ICS (Android 4.x) devices will remain on 1.25.1.

1.25.1: Crash fix.

1.25.0: Open the app in the last tab the user had selected.

1.24.0: Added word and character count, and fixed access to system TTS setting.