D&D 5E NPC Generator and DM Resource APK 6.03

Easily randomize NPC's, encounters, magic items, track initiative and campaigns!
Published by  SCherry Software
Downloading D&D 5E NPC Generator and DM Resource v 6.03
SIZE15.44 MB
UPLOAD DATESep 11, 2018
WHATS NEWNew Feature: Campaign Hub - for all of your DM'ing needs! Keep records of your customized universes, including such as NPC's, creatures, quests, religions, magic, items, etc.
New Feature: Save your NPC's to your device and import them into the Campaign Hub for quick access. To save your NPC's, click on the icon of a person at the bottom of the main NPC generator screen. To import into the Campaign Hub, enter any of your universes, click on Characters, and then click on the import menu option.