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ADT Pulse ® for PC

ADT Pulse ® for PC

Make your system smarter. Keep what matters safer.
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ADT Pulse ®: The Ultimate Security App for Peace of Mind

When it comes to home security, ADT Pulse ® is a game-changer. This innovative app offers a wide range of features that allow you to monitor and control your security system from anywhere, ensuring that your home is safe and protected at all times. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, ADT Pulse ® is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their home security.

Stay Connected with Live Camera Feeds

One of the standout features of ADT Pulse ® is its ability to provide live camera feeds directly to your mobile device. Whether you're at work, on vacation, or simply in another room, you can easily check in on your home and see what's happening in real-time. This feature not only gives you peace of mind but also allows you to keep an eye on your property and loved ones.

While the app already offers an impressive array of features, some users have suggested the integration of Google Chromecast for an even better experience. This would enable users to mirror their camera recordings on their televisions, providing a larger and more immersive viewing experience for Chromecast users.

Convenient Arm and Disarm Functionality

ADT Pulse ® makes it fast and easy to arm and disarm your security system with just a few taps on your phone. No more rushing out the door and wondering if you remembered to set the alarm. With this app, you can have complete control over your home security, no matter where you are.

While the majority of users have praised the app's convenience and reliability, some have mentioned that the sound quality could be improved. However, this minor drawback is overshadowed by the app's overall effectiveness in providing a sense of safety and security.

Responsive Customer Service

ADT Pulse ® not only offers top-notch security features but also provides exceptional customer service. Users have reported positive experiences when reaching out to customer support for assistance. Whether it's a technical issue or a simple question, ADT's customer service team is responsive and dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly.

It's worth mentioning that some users have encountered temporary issues with the app, such as it not working or experiencing connectivity problems. However, ADT's customer service has proven to be helpful in troubleshooting and resolving these issues, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy the app's benefits.


ADT Pulse ® is the ultimate security app that offers peace of mind and convenience. With its live camera feeds, easy arm and disarm functionality, and responsive customer service, this app is a game-changer in the world of home security. While there may be occasional hiccups, ADT's commitment to providing a safe and secure experience shines through. Don't leave your home's security to chance - download ADT Pulse ® today and take control of your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I access ADT Pulse ® from multiple devices?

Yes, ADT Pulse ® can be accessed from multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply download the app or log in to the website to access your security system.

2. What if I forget to arm my security system before leaving home?

No worries! With ADT Pulse ®, you can easily arm and disarm your security system from anywhere in the US. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you can manage your alarm with just a few taps on your phone.

3. Is ADT Pulse ® compatible with Google Chromecast?

While ADT Pulse ® does not currently integrate with Google Chromecast, this feature has been suggested by users for future enhancements. The ability to mirror camera recordings on your television would provide an even more immersive viewing experience.

4. What if I encounter technical issues with the app?

If you experience any technical issues with ADT Pulse ®, rest assured that ADT's customer service team is dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly. Simply reach out to them for assistance, and they will guide you through troubleshooting steps to get the app back up and running smoothly.

5. Can I get a clear view of my cameras when I'm away from home?

Absolutely! ADT Pulse ® provides a clear camera view, allowing you to keep an eye on your house both inside and outside. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your property at any time.


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ADT Pulse ® for PC

ADT Pulse ® for PC

Make your system smarter. Keep what matters safer.