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Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving 2 is released!
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About Dr. Driving For PC

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Download Dr. Driving for PC free at AppsPlayground. Sud Inc introduced Dr. Driving app for Android and iOS but you can also install Dr. Driving on PC or MAC. Let’s look at some important instructions that will help you download Dr. Driving for PC on MAC or Windows laptop without much pain.

Dr. Driving is a driving simulation game with amazingly realistic gameplay, but it can be quite challenging as well for a few. This is not a racing game. Dr. Driving app's realistic driving simulation is quite natural and realistic. It is unique among the other car games in its own ways.

Dr. Driving doesn't have the nicest graphics. Although the gameplay is realistic, you feel the graphic detailing is just average. However, being a simulation game, the level of graphic details were fine, although it could have been a bit better. Dr. Driving is a mission based game, where you can earn money to complete missions. Your in-game cash can unlock several upgrades to your cars or you can buy new cars from the store.

It has very realistic controls like an actual steering wheel, on-screen brakes which can help you learn driving to some extent. SUD has perfected the driving simulation in this game, which allows you to perform various actions like taking turns, parking and accelerating and braking. Unlike other games, you get the real feel of driving a vehicle instead of tilting your phones to make turns.

The simulations, though not perfect, are quite good. Avid gamers would probably not like the primitive graphics. The characters look more like boxes, rough around the edges. Although there are plenty of challenges to keep you busy, once you master all the controls, there's not much replay value at all. Dr. Driving does allow you to join the online community of players through Google+ or Facebook accounts and play with your friends.

Dr. Driving is easy to install and runs smoothly even on low-end phones. It is not a fast paced game like Need for Speed No Limits or Asphalt Nitro, it can still be used by people who are new to driving, learn a few basic tips and apply them in real life. For a driving simulation game, it is definitely a must have.

How to Download Dr. Driving for PC or MAC:

1. Begin by downloading BlueStacks for your PC.

2. After the installer finishes downloading, double-click it to start the setup process.

3. While in the installation process click "Next" for the 1st two steps on the installer screen.

4. If you see "Install" on screen, click on it to get started on the final installation process and click "Finish" once it’s done.

5. From within the Windows start menu or the desktop shortcut, launch BlueStacks Android emulator.

6. Add a Google account by just signing in, which may take a short while.

7. Good job! You can now install Dr. Driving for PC with BlueStacks App Player either by searching for Dr. Driving app on the Google Play Store app or by using the apk file which you can download on this page.

You can still install Dr. Driving for PC while using the apk file if you do not find the app on the Google Play Store simply by clicking on the apk file. BlueStacks app will install the app. If at all you prefer to go with Andy emulator to free download and install Dr. Driving for Mac, you can still stick to the above instructions.


Download Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving for PC

Dr. Driving 2 is released!