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My Leviton for PC

My Leviton for PC

With the free My Leviton app, you can control your Decora Smart Wi-Fi® devices.
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Introducing My Leviton: The Ultimate Smart Home App

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use smart home app? Look no further than My Leviton. With over 2 years of daily use, this app has proven to be the best choice for homeowners seeking a seamless smart home experience. Whether you want to control your lights, dimmers, switches, or even monitor your electricity usage, My Leviton has got you covered.

Unparalleled Dependability

One of the standout features of My Leviton is its unwavering dependability. Users have reported using the app for almost 2 years without any issues. Even when a switch failed, Leviton promptly replaced it with an updated version, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Unlike other frustrating systems, My Leviton offers a top-quality app that never disappoints.

Easy Setup and Organization

Setting up your switches and dimmers with My Leviton is a breeze. The app allows you to easily sort your devices into rooms, making them easily accessible and manageable. Additionally, the scene feature is a pleasant surprise, allowing you to create customized settings for different scenarios. Whether you want to set up your devices with Google Assistant or Nest thermostat, My Leviton simplifies the process.

Effortless Energy Monitoring

With the addition of smart breakers and electric panels, My Leviton takes monitoring your electricity usage to the next level. Adjusting your energy consumption and saving money has never been easier. Users have praised the simplicity of setting up these new additions, thanks to clear instructions provided by the app.


My Leviton is truly a game-changer in the world of smart home apps. With its dependability, ease of use, and advanced features, it stands out as the best choice for homeowners looking to create a seamless and efficient smart home environment. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a bed of roses with My Leviton.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I set different schedules for "Home" and "Away" modes?

Yes, My Leviton allows you to set different schedules for "Home" and "Away" modes. Simply navigate to the Schedules section of the app and customize your desired settings.

2. Can I control the speed of my ceiling fans through the app?

Currently, controlling the speed of ceiling fans through the app is not available. However, My Leviton continuously updates its features, so keep an eye out for future enhancements.

3. Can I connect devices from other brands to My Leviton?

No, My Leviton is specifically designed for Leviton devices. However, with a wide range of products available, Leviton offers a comprehensive catalog to meet all your smart home needs.

4. How can I provide feedback or suggestions for the app?

If you have any feedback or suggestions for My Leviton, you can reach out to Leviton's customer support team. They are always eager to hear from users and improve their app based on user experiences.

5. How can I stop the app from constantly asking for ratings?

If you find the frequent rating prompts annoying, you can disable them by adjusting your app settings. Simply navigate to the settings section of My Leviton and turn off the rating notifications.

Remember, My Leviton is here to make your smart home experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Explore its features, customize your settings, and embrace the convenience of a truly smart home.


Download My Leviton

My Leviton for PC

My Leviton for PC

With the free My Leviton app, you can control your Decora Smart Wi-Fi® devices.