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SMS Backup & Restore for PC

SMS Backup & Restore for PC

A simple app to backup and restore SMS (text) messages and call logs.
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SMS Backup & Restore: The Ultimate Solution for Message Transfer

Are you tired of losing your precious messages during phone transfers? Look no further than SMS Backup & Restore, the app that guarantees a seamless and hassle-free message transfer experience. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this app has become a lifesaver for countless users.

Effortless Message Transfer

One of the standout features of SMS Backup & Restore is its ability to transfer all your messages from one phone to another. Unlike other apps that fail to back up all messages, this app ensures that no conversation is left behind. Users have praised its effectiveness in transferring messages from Google Messages and even Verizon, making it the go-to choice for seamless message migration.

Furthermore, the process is incredibly easy, allowing users to effortlessly move their messages to a new phone. Whether you're switching to a Samsung A52 or upgrading from a Note 9 to an S23 Ultra, this app has got you covered.

Secure and Private

Privacy is a top priority when it comes to SMS Backup & Restore. The app boasts a simple and straightforward privacy policy, putting users' minds at ease. With multiple backup and restore options, you can rest assured that your messages are in safe hands.

Additionally, SMS Backup & Restore is completely secure, ensuring that your personal information remains protected. It takes privacy seriously, making it one of the best apps in terms of security.

A User-Friendly Experience

Not only does SMS Backup & Restore excel in functionality, but it also provides a user-friendly experience. The app is simple and fast, with no disturbing ads or intrusive permission requests. It even reminds you to switch back your default messaging app once the transfer is complete, making the process seamless from start to finish.

Moreover, the app guides you through the Android environment, offering helpful advice when necessary. It provides tools to delete messages or call logs when needed, ensuring that you have complete control over your data.


In conclusion, SMS Backup & Restore is a game-changer when it comes to message transfer. With its seamless and efficient functionality, it has garnered rave reviews from users worldwide. Whether you're upgrading your phone or simply need to back up your messages, this app is the ultimate solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SMS Backup & Restore compatible with all Android devices?

Yes, SMS Backup & Restore is compatible with all Android devices, ensuring that you can transfer your messages regardless of the phone you're using.

2. Can I view my backed-up messages on a PC?

Unfortunately, SMS Backup & Restore does not currently offer a way to view messages on a PC. However, the app's functionality and reliability make up for this limitation.

3. Are there any ads in SMS Backup & Restore?

While SMS Backup & Restore does have minimal in-app ads, they are not intrusive and do not disrupt the user experience. The app's effectiveness in message transfer outweighs any minor inconveniences.

4. How secure is SMS Backup & Restore?

SMS Backup & Restore prioritizes user privacy and security. The app ensures that your personal information remains secure throughout the message transfer process.

5. Can I schedule backups with SMS Backup & Restore?

Yes, SMS Backup & Restore offers the convenient feature of scheduled backups. This is especially useful for those who tend to forget to back up their messages regularly.


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SMS Backup & Restore for PC

SMS Backup & Restore for PC

A simple app to backup and restore SMS (text) messages and call logs.