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Spond - Sports Team Management for PC

Spond - Sports Team Management for PC

Send invites and organize events. Easy and free.
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Spond - Sports Team Management: The Ultimate App for Team Organization

Are you tired of juggling multiple teams and struggling to keep everyone organized? Look no further than Spond - Sports Team Management, the ultimate app designed to simplify the management of sports teams. With its smooth user experience, reliable notifications, and comprehensive functionality, Spond is the go-to app for coaches, parents, and team members alike.

Effortless Team Management

Spond offers a range of features that make managing multiple teams a breeze. From creating events and sending messages to organizing polls and subgroups, this app has it all. Coaches can easily communicate with parents and team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

One standout feature of Spond is its calendar view, which provides an overview of all future events. This option is a game-changer for busy teams, allowing them to plan and prepare in advance. No more scrolling through endless lists - the calendar view provides a clear and concise snapshot of what lies ahead.

Additionally, Spond allows event hosts to add themselves as invitees without any hassle. This feature is particularly helpful for coaches who want to be involved administratively without needing to be listed as a host. With Spond, managing events has never been easier.

Seamless Communication

One of the most valuable aspects of Spond is its ability to facilitate communication between coaches, parents, and team members. The app's notification system ensures that important messages are delivered promptly, unlike other similar apps that often fall short in this area.

Team members can RSVP to events directly through the app, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for manual coordination. Spond even integrates with phone calendars, making it effortless for team members to stay up to date with their schedules.

Reliable and Responsive

Spond prides itself on its reliability and responsiveness. The app's developers are committed to providing a seamless user experience and promptly addressing any issues that may arise. In the rare event that something goes wrong, the Spond team is quick to resolve the problem and ensure that users can continue enjoying the app without interruption.


In conclusion, Spond - Sports Team Management is a game-changing app for anyone involved in managing sports teams. With its comprehensive features, seamless communication, and reliable performance, Spond takes the hassle out of team organization. Whether you're a coach, parent, or team member, this app is a must-have for streamlining your sports team management.


1. Can I switch between multiple clubs without logging in and out of the app?

Unfortunately, at the moment, switching between multiple clubs within Spond requires logging in and out of the app. However, the developers are constantly working to improve the user experience, so keep an eye out for future updates that may address this feature.

2. How can I store important documents, such as membership forms, within the app?

Spond now offers a Files section where you can store key documents, including membership forms. This recent addition has made the app even more versatile and user-friendly, ensuring that all your essential files are easily accessible within the app.

3. Is Spond suitable for non-sports-related organizations?

While Spond is primarily designed for sports team management, its features can be adapted for other types of organizations as well. Whether you're organizing a club event, coordinating a school project, or managing a community group, Spond's functionality and communication tools can be tailored to suit your needs.


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Spond - Sports Team Management for PC

Spond - Sports Team Management for PC

Send invites and organize events. Easy and free.