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Temple Run for PC

Temple Run for PC

Run for your life!
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BrowserCam gives you Temple Run for PC (Windows) download for free. Imangi Studios developed Temple Run app for Google Android as well as for iOS, however, you should be able to install Temple Run on PC or MAC. Have you ever wondered how to download Temple Run for PC? No worries, we’ll break it down for you into simple steps.

Temple Run is an arcade-style endless running game that you can play on your Android or iOS phones, or you can install it on your PC pretty easily. In the game, you run for your life from the monkeys chasing you to recover the idol that you have stolen. It's an amazing time killer since the game expects you to concentrate on the screen all the time. Similar games like Subway Surfer are also very popular.

Each game starts with you running in a 3D maze. You can slide left and right on the screen to avoid obstacles, or jump or duck to go over or under blockages on your path. While running, you also need to collect as many coins and power-ups as you can. Each power-up helps you score higher. Although the game is free, you have the option of buying coins and power-ups which help you reach farther and farther in the game.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game has awesome graphics, although you may not notice the scenes and graphics in much detail since you are always running through the jungle. Obstacles like rocks, cliffs, and arrows look crisp. You do have the option of reducing the graphic details if you feel that your phone doesn't support the rendering well.

Sound effects are good and appealing. You can always turn off all game sounds if you are bored of hearing the music and other sounds in the game. We recommend turning it off so that the app's battery usage is reduced.


Playing the game is quite simple. The storyline is simple but very engaging. You would probably be more motivated if you are competing against your friends. Although you don't need to create an account to play, Temple Run does give you an option to log in with Facebook so that you can sync your game state across all your devices. At times, you do come across a difficult stage, but with multiple attempts, you should be able to overcome them. You will be at times, tempted to buy coins and power-ups when you are stuck.

Battery Usage

The game is meant to be used for prolonged durations due to the nature of the game. It does drain a lot of battery. And your phone also will get a bit hotter than usual. Although, this is not a big issue since the game is optimized for improved battery performance, such games do end up being on the list of battery guzzler apps.

Game Controls

There are only limited maneuvers available, but you need to master all of them if you intend to run farther and farther. The game keeps always keeps you on your toes. Although you can pause and resume the game anytime, you will need all your concentration and focus while you are playing. Your objective is not just to avoid getting caught, but also collect all the coins and power-ups that come your way.

Tempe Run is a real time killer, which is addictive and enjoyable for all age groups. You should definitely try it out.

How to Install Temple Run for PC or MAC:

1. Download BlueStacks free Android emulator for PC using the download button provided on this page.

2. As soon as the download is completed, fire up the installer to get started with the installation process.

3. Read the first two steps and then click "Next" to begin the last step of setup.

4. On the very last step select the "Install" option to get started with the installation process and click "Finish" when it’s completed.

5. Using your Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut open BlueStacks app.

6. Before you can install Temple Run for PC, you will need to assign BlueStacks emulator with your Google account.

7. Good job! You are ready to install Temple Run for PC with the BlueStacks App Player either by searching Temple Run app in the Play Store or by using the APK file.

You can easily install Temple Run for PC by using the apk file if you can not find the app on the Google Play Store by clicking the apk file. BlueStacks software will install the app. If wish to go with Andy OS to install Temple Run for Mac, you may still go through the exact same process anytime.


Download Temple Run

Temple Run for PC

Temple Run for PC

Run for your life!