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ZipGrade for PC

ZipGrade for PC

Grade paper multiple choice quizzes or exit tickets with your camera.
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ZipGrade: The Ultimate Grading Tool for Teachers

As an educator, finding efficient ways to grade assessments is crucial to saving time and focusing on what matters most - teaching. With ZipGrade, teachers can say goodbye to the tedious task of manual grading and embrace a powerful app that revolutionizes the grading process. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of ZipGrade, a game-changing tool that has garnered praise from educators worldwide.

Effortless Grading in Minutes

ZipGrade offers a seamless grading experience, allowing teachers to grade multiple classes in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of spending hours hunched over a stack of papers. With this app, teachers can effortlessly scan and grade quizzes using customizable scantron sheets. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth user experience, making it easy for educators to navigate and utilize the app's features.

One reviewer mentioned, "Best grading tool I have used in 18 years of teaching! I was able to grade 6 classes in less than 5 minutes, with ZERO difficulties." This highlights the efficiency and time-saving capabilities of ZipGrade, enabling teachers to allocate their precious time to other important tasks.

Customizable Scantrons and Analytics

ZipGrade offers the flexibility to create scantron sheets tailored to any number of questions. This customization feature allows teachers to adapt the app to their specific assessment needs. Additionally, the app provides detailed analytics, giving educators valuable insights into student performance. These analytics can be used to identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.

Another satisfied user stated, "ZipGrade is a great app... Customizable scantrons to any number of questions. Easy to use. Great accuracy and affordable price if you use it a lot." This review emphasizes the app's versatility and affordability, making it an ideal choice for educators seeking a comprehensive grading solution.

Seamless Integration and Excellent Support

ZipGrade seamlessly integrates with various teaching environments, ensuring compatibility with existing systems. Whether you prefer to use the app on your phone or computer, ZipGrade offers a user-friendly interface across multiple platforms. This adaptability allows teachers to grade assessments at their convenience, whether in the classroom or remotely.

Furthermore, ZipGrade's commitment to customer support sets it apart from other grading tools. The app's developers are praised for their quick and thorough responses to user inquiries. One reviewer expressed their satisfaction, stating, "Customer support is always fantastic with quick and thorough responses to any questions I have ever had."


ZipGrade is a game-changer for educators, providing a seamless and efficient grading experience. With its customizable scantrons, detailed analytics, and excellent customer support, this app has become an indispensable tool for teachers worldwide. Say goodbye to the days of manual grading and embrace the future of assessment with ZipGrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Gcash to purchase the 1-year subscription for ZipGrade?

Unfortunately, ZipGrade does not currently support Gcash as a payment method. However, there are various other payment options available to ensure a smooth subscription process.

2. Is ZipGrade compatible with Google Forms for online assessments?

While ZipGrade does not directly integrate with Google Forms, it offers a comprehensive solution for grading traditional paper-based assessments. However, the app's developers are continuously working on enhancing its features, so future updates may include more compatibility options.

3. Can ZipGrade handle assessments in languages other than English?

ZipGrade is primarily designed for English-language assessments. While it may have limitations in displaying non-English characters, the app's functionality remains unaffected. The creators are constantly working to improve language support and enhance the user experience for educators worldwide.

ZipGrade is the ultimate grading tool for teachers, revolutionizing the way assessments are graded. Its efficiency, customization options, and excellent support make it a must-have app for educators seeking to streamline their grading process. Try ZipGrade today and experience the future of grading!


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ZipGrade for PC

ZipGrade for PC

Grade paper multiple choice quizzes or exit tickets with your camera.