Gappy’s Mystery Letters app explores the alphabet


We’re big on letter-tracing apps at the moment, watching our four year-old puzzling out the alphabet. And of course, we’re encouraging him to write letters and words with pens and pencils, but apps are playing a role too.

Gappy’s Mystery Letters is the latest we think he’ll like. Released by developer Spinlight Studio, it’s a game based around a cartoon rabbit named Gappy.

“Gappy’s Mystery Letters helps children recognize letter shapes as they trace along with a magic star to reveal the letter on Gappy’s mind,” explains its App Store listing.

“Fun and engaging, Gappy’s Mystery Letters includes the interactive mystery game, an awesome digital drawing pad and 52 different coloring prizes based on the alphabet.”

It joins a previous app, Gappy’s First Words, on the App Store. Gappy’s Mystery Letters costs £1.99 for iPhone and iPad, with no extra in-app purchases included.

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