Andrew Brodie Let’s Do Spelling books become apps

We’ve always enjoyed Bloomsbury Publishing’s series of Andrew Brodie educational books, so we’re glad to see them becoming apps as well.

The latest to make the leap are the Let’s Do Spelling books, which are now available as iPhone and iPad apps for children aged between five and 11 years old.

Andrew Brodie Let's Do Spelling apps

Developed by Aimer Media, there are actually six apps in this series: one for 5-6 year-olds, one for 6-7 year-olds, one for 7-8 year-olds and… well, you get the idea, right up to 10-11.

Like the books, the apps are designed to prepare children for the spelling tests they’ll face at school here in England, using the official National Curriculum word-lists.

They use a “Learn, Write, Check” system for kids to practise their spelling, as well as progress tests where they can see how the knowledge is sinking in.

Parents (and children, if they’re so minded) can create their own tests too, loaded with the words they have particular difficulty remembering. I think this could work especially well for siblings: my seven year-old would love to create tests for his brother, and vice versa.

(Actually, they’d both love to test me too, I suspect, so I’d better get practising myself. If only there was a 39-40 year-old edition…)

“With clear audio and lots of opportunities to practise words in context, this app should help your child improve their spelling before your eyes,” suggests the App Store listing.

“You can check progress at every stage and find out how many tests have been taken, how well your child has got on and discover the hardest words they are learning to spell.”

Spelling tests can be a bit stressful for children who struggle with this particular skill, so it’s great to see these apps making the practising process fun and unintimidating.

But you can also buy all six apps in a bundle for £8.99.


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