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CSR Racing for PC

CSR Racing for PC

The hottest drag racing game in the world is now available on Android for FREE!
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Free Download CSR Racing for PC using this guide at AppsPlayground. Although CSR Racing app is developed for Android and iOS by NaturalMotionGames Ltd, it is still possible to install CSR Racing on PC or laptop. You need to follow a few required guidelines listed below that you have to keep in mind before you can start to download CSR Racing for PC.

CSR Racing is a popular car racing game with great gameplay and graphics. The graphics are just stunning, among the best that is out there for a car racing game. It's basically a drag racing game. You can just download the game and start playing for free.

You can choose from a list of different racing options. Regulations mode is where you race against yourself to try and improve your timings. Ladder races allow you to race against opponents whose skills increase as you race up, thus making each subsequent race a little more difficult to win. In the Crew Battles mode, you face off various opponents till you face their boss. You can also play challenges like Daily Battles 3 times a day. And there are 5 different worlds that you can play in. CSR racing has a lot of content as well, with a variety of gameplay options.

You choose a car and a race. Changing gears at the right time is very crucial for a smooth ride. Winning races reward you with money which you can use to buy Nitro or perform other upgrades like paint-jobs, tune-ups, and repairs. All these things cost money, so it's quite important to keep racing and accumulating money and gold. Buying a new car or getting an upgrade uses a lot of money, and winning races doesn't generate as fast as you might like. That's where the game bombards you with messages asking you to buy coins and golds through in-app purchases.

CSR racing gives you a great experience and with a lot of variety, the game never lets you down. Although the graphics are top class, they are just a diversion for you by the developers who keep prompting you to spend some real money on the races. The game is quite addictive, although each race lasts about 20 seconds. It's all about getting other things done like upgrading your car and playing in various modes and worlds. CSR Racing is definitely worth the try. There are other similar games which you could try, Drag Racing and Extreme Drag Racing.

How to Download Csr Racing for PC:

1. Get started by downloading BlueStacks Android emulator for PC.

2. Soon after the installer finishes downloading, double-click it to start the setup process.

3. Continue with all the common installation steps just by clicking on "Next" for a couple of times.

4. When you see "Install" button on-screen, click on it to begin the final installation process and then click "Finish" soon after it's done.

5. Finally, either using the Windows start menu or the desktop shortcut open BlueStacks Android emulator.

6. Add a Google account by simply signing in, which might take a couple of minutes.

7. Congratulations! You can now install CSR Racing for PC with BlueStacks software either by searching for CSR Racing app on the Google Play Store app or by downloading the apk file.

You can also install CSR Racing for PC by using the apk file if you can not find the app on the Play Store by clicking on the apk file. BlueStacks emulator will install the app. One may proceed with the above exact same steps even if you plan to opt for Andy OS or if you want to go with free download CSR Racing for MAC.


Download CSR Racing

CSR Racing for PC

CSR Racing for PC

The hottest drag racing game in the world is now available on Android for FREE!