I am a child: Just Like You app educates about Asperger’s syndrome

A lot of parents don’t understand Asperger’s syndrome, let alone children. A new book-app called I am a child: Just Like You aims to help, whatever your age.

The idea: it’s a story told through the eyes of a boy called Mason, who has Asperger’s. Colourful illustrations and sound effects tell the story, along with voice narration – although you can also read it out loud for yourself.

It’s the work of author Travis Breeding, who has been writing about Asperger’s and autism for a number of years. According to the App Store listing, this is “his attempt to explain Asperger’s to child from the point of view of having Asperger’s”.

He worked with Pixl Publishing on the app, which costs £1.99 and works on both iPhone and iPad.

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