New Talking Tom Cat app goes live: My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

The Talking Friends apps are a phenomenon among children and adults alike, with Talking Tom Cat, Talking Ginger and friends having been downloaded 1.2bn times, with 170m people playing with them every month.

The release of a new Talking Friends app is big news, then. Developer Outfit7 has just launched My Talking Tom, the latest app featuring its Talking Tom Cat character.

In the past, these apps’ main appeal has been the way kids could talk into their smartphone or tablet’s microphone then have Tom squeakily repeat back to them, although puzzles and mini-games were part of it.

My Talking Tom takes a step on: it’s more of a virtual pet game where Tom starts as a kitten and gradually grows up, with your children tasked with keeping him entertained, fed, rested and toileted (is that a verb?), while also customising the way he and his home looks.

That makes it more of a game, with players levelling up (50 is the maximum) to unlock new clothes, furniture and food along the way. But yes, Tom (or whatever your child decides to name their virtual kitten) will still repeat what he’s told.

We’ve been playing this morning, and it’s fun, including a whack-a-mouse mini-game that should have kids roaring with laughter.

However, if you’re letting a child play with the app on a device linked to your credit card, you’ll need to a.) ensure your in-app purchase restrictions are set up, and b.) have the ‘virtual items purchases’ talk with your child, if you haven’t already.

Why? Well, the various items in the game, from different coloured fur to hats and food, are bought using virtual gold coins. These can be earned by playing the game, by levelling up and by watching video ads for other games.

my-talking-tom-iapBut they can also be bought with real money: from 69p for 2,000 coins to a whopping £69.99 for 300,000. We can’t find any way as a parent to turn off the option to access the gold coins store, although making any form of purchase does remove the banner ads that appear at the top of the screen.

(Which, this morning, seem to be focusing exclusively on another game, Jelly Splash, so thankfully there’s no repeat of the Wonga cash loan ads or ringtone subscription controversies from earlier Talking Friends apps.)

£69.99 in-app purchases? My personal view is that it sets my teeth on edge in a children’s app, even though there’s no danger of my kids spending money without me knowing thanks to my device restrictions being turned on.

If a game is selling gold coins in quantities of up to 300,000, will it also be adding virtual items that cost that much to buy – and will my children be seeing them in the store and feeling cross or sad about not being able to buy them?

That’s a personal view. Other parents may well feel differently – and Outfit7 may well argue that My Talking Tom won’t only be played by kids, so some adult players may genuinely want to buy £69.99 of gold coins. Perhaps they will. The main thing is to be aware as a parent of what the game is offering, and how to sort your in-app purchase settings out.

My Talking Tom is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, a free download for Android from Google Play, and a free download for Windows Phone from the Windows Store.

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27 thoughts on “New Talking Tom Cat app goes live: My Talking Tom

  1. Eugene says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Thank you for the news. Of course My Talking Tom is not in the Kids category on the App Store that would force them to have a parental gate inside the app.

    Do you know if parents are really aware of this new Kids category and the enforced guidelines that comes with it? In our last focus group here at Pili Pop, we noticed that they had no idea that the new Kids category had new guidelines for developers.


  2. Ashley says:

    Is there anyway to change the cats name? My 4 year old is having a melt down because she doesn’t want his name to be meatball anymore.. Please advise!! Thank you

    • Glen says:

      Yea there is one way you can change the name … delete all saved data from with in the program …

      got to settings
      select tom
      delete data

      start new game

      hope it helps

    • Aisyah says:

      Hi. You can change the cat’s name but you have to delete the app and download it again. But all the progress will be deleted. This is not a good idea if you bought your daughter coins or something that costs real money. I’m sorry but that’s the only way. Sorry I couldn’t help you more. Once I find another answer, I’ll tell you right away 🙂

    • Mio says:

      To start with its a great app all though I do agree with mayur s comment I’m afraid you will have to re-download
      the game but it will obviously delete all your process just tell your child the cat is called something else

    • Karen says:

      touch the level number button top left and where it says the cats name at the top of the little box where it shows size, level and XP booster – there is a little circle with a pen inside . Touch it and rename your cat

    • Julie campbell says:

      Julie yes three is a way to change the cats name you push on the level number you are on and at the top the cats name is in a purple box all you do is pick up the little pencil and the name will start to blink below x it out and put new name in OK let me know if you have any problems julie

    • Rupkatha says:

      Go to the circle in the top left corner of the page, where the level is written. Information such as your cat’s name, size, etc will be given. There will be a button to the right side of the name. Click there and you may change you cat’s name as desired.

    • Deadlox and skydoesminecraft says:

      Just tap the two cats on the top and then press the one that says five coins and say you like there house and if they accept you like they will add as a friend

  3. mayur says:

    The game is good bu there should be more things like when we touch tv it starts or he sits on chair in the Living room and more games should be there

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  6. karen michelle says:

    Love the game im addicted ! But camt name my cat diidnt get the option n cant connect to facebook it will not except my correct password and.. Some detail directions would be nice on how to play ….

  7. Ashley Walker says:

    I was on my talking Tom and it asked me if I wanted to stick with my tom or Switch to an old account they had discovered (this is my one and only Tom) it unfortunately switch to a different cat at a lower level i had never seen – how do I get back to my old cat?

  8. Crystal says:

    My husbands had a mini game called Connect appear on his and I was wondering how to get it on mine. I play the game on his but I want it lol.

  9. christine elflett says:

    Please anyone know why my tom has had his chothes
    hat and furnisher the lot robbed from him just got the plain cat don’t understand what is going on all that work getting coins for things all gone.

  10. Colonel Kibb says:

    I am trying to connect to Facebook but it tells me to go into settings, Facebook, allow and i do all of that and it doesn’t show My Talking Tom in the list of apps and i even checked on Facebook and still can not connect him. what do i do? i have tried everything i actually spent almost an hour trying to figure it out with no end result . . . frustrating

  11. Anna says:

    My cat stopped talking. What should I do ? I re-installed the game but it still doesn’t talk. I have a windows phone.

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