Happipets iPad app makes alphabetical animals

The latest intriguing alphabetical education app to launch on iPad is Happipets, which gets kids creating their own virtual animals while learning their letters.

It’s the work of a developer called Happi, and appears to be its first iOS app. The core idea: “Children can move, rotate, resize and flip letters to compose each creature’s name. They also can use over 140 letters to compose their own Happipets and save them in the camera roll.”

So, there are 12 proper animals to learn to spell, including Lion, Dog and Horse. Then there are another 12 ‘fantastic’ creatures such as the Edufefeo and Souot.

But with more than 140 letters (yes, that means different-looking versions of the alphabet letters), the most fun looks to come from creating new Happipets of your own.

Happi promises more letters and animals will be added for free in future upgrades for Happipets, which costs £1.49 on the App Store. Here’s a video showing how it works:

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