Peppa Pig gets her own Me Books app for iPhone and iPad

You should hear my impersonation of Daddy Pig. It might be enough to win a TV talent contest in its own right. Not just the room-quaking snort, either – the voice too. It’s uncanny.

And now it stars in an app. Well, not initially. Penguin’s new Peppa Me Books app comes with voice narration from the actual Peppa Pig narrator John Sparkes.

But it’s the follow-up to the publisher’s Ladybird Classic Me Books app, with both including a feature for you to re-record the narration and noises yourself. Hence my Daddy Pig getting nightly airings this week to an appreciative audience of two children.

Like the Ladybird version, this app comes with one free book included – Peppa Pig: Fun at the Fair – with others available to buy in-app. This time round, those other books are more expensive: £1.99 each compared to 69p for the Ladybird books.

The digital books are replicas of their print editions, complete with turning pages. Recording your own voice is easy – easy enough for our four year-old to master, although his two year-old brother needs a bit of help.

Anyway, it’s marvellous fun, and costs £1.99 for the initial download – which is a universal download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad so you can run it across all of them. Which frankly isn’t something to be snorted at.

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