Draw and Tell by Duck Duck Moose shows off your kids’ creativity

Men over a certain age are unable to resist providing their own commentary when playing football down the park (“And Rooney takes it down the wing…”).

For kids, the same thing is often true of drawing and painting. Ours love explaining what they’re doing as they go along.

Developer Duck Duck Moose’s new iPhone app Draw and Tell capitalises on exactly that. It’s a marvellous app for drawing with virtual crayons, paint brushes and pencils, while adding digital stickers and stencils.

However, they can also record their voice while creating a picture, moving the stickers around as they talk, and saving the whole thing as a video on your iOS device for sharing with friends and family.

It looks beautifully done, and it’s going for 69p on the App Store at the time of writing as an introductory price. There’s also a separate iPad version, Draw and Tell HD, which costs the same price.

And if this sort of thing floats your boat, we’d also point you towards an iOS app called Doodlecast, which came out in October 2011 with a similar ‘draw and talk, then share’ dynamic.

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