Your Fantastic Elastic Brain gets neural on iPad

Neurology frightens me. I prefer not to think too hard about that pulpy mass inside my skull that makes me tick, in case it short-circuits. Perhaps Your Fantastic Elastic Brain will change my mind though.

It looks excellent: an iPad book-app that aims to teach children about their brains in an entertaining but educational way, based on an existing print book.

It’s aimed at school-age kids – five and up – blending interactive “brain workouts” with text and animations. “Learn to play chess, feel the emotion evoked through music and art, volunteer, challenge yourself to do something new, and become more familiar with the world around you,” explains its App Store listing.

There’s also a Journal feature to keep track of your children’s progress through the app. Hats off to developer Invention Arts and publisher Little Pickle Press: this looks like a great way of breaking down some fairly-complex science into something enjoyable and engaging.

Plus it costs £1.99 at the time of writing as an introductory offer, which looks like good value to me (and my brain).

11 thoughts on “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain gets neural on iPad

  1. Jasmine Saldate says:

    This IS a wonderful app! The entire book is even included within the app! Not to mention it includes games that are interesting for adults as well!

  2. Diane says:

    I love the way this book app not only explains a very complicated subject for children but also how it weaves into the valuable life skill of embracing mistakes. Many important lessons can be made with help from this innovative book app!

  3. Keith says:

    This app is really a great introduction to understanding basic brain anatomy and physiology. It’s really fun too! Definitely one of the “Must Have” apps for my kids!

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  5. Burch says:

    I think this is brilliant – smart, engaging, fun, instructive, accessible, etc. for kids. It’s such a great confirmation of the truth which has eluded adults for centuries, i.e. that kids can learn almost anything if it’s presented in a basic, relatable form, one step at a time.

  6. Connie says:

    I have a copy of the hardcover book and am impressed with how the subject matter is made so much easier to understand. In today’s world the app is a perfect tool for young and old alike to expand there “Fantastic Elastic Brains”. This app would be great in a classroom or personal use setting.

  7. Nancy Smekal says:

    I use the hardcopy of this book in the classroom to teach students about their brain and their learning capacity. All parents should use this new app as an even easier way to get the message across!

  8. Paula says:

    FANTASTIC!!! This is a GREAT app and I am planning on using it and the book with my enrichment students in order to boost metacognition! Both are wonderful resources for parents, educators, and students in order to ensure the love of life-long learning.

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