Disney’s Jungle Book is now an iPad book-app

Have fond memories of Mowgli, Baloo and friends in Disney’s The Jungle Book? Own an iPad? Your luck is in: Disney has just turned its classic film into a book-app for Apple’s tablet.

It’s being sold for £2.49 on the App Store, and follows the familiar tale of Mowgli as he grows up in the jungle, while trying not to become lunch for the nefarious Shere Khan.

As with other Disney book-apps, there is voice narration and plenty of interactivity, including digital colouring pages, puzzles and mini-games – one involving memory and the other involving a bongo drum. Which is always nice.

And yes, before you ask, the Bare Necessities song is included too, so you can sing it loudly while your children look scared and/or embarrassed on your behalf. Like the sound of The Jungle Book as an iPad app? Get it here.

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