Shaun the Sheep stars in Fleece Lightning game

Our sons are still both under five, so when it comes to ‘Claymation sheep characters created by Aardman Animations’, they’re more familiar with Timmy Time than Shaun the Sheep. Give it time, though.

If your children have made the sheepy step up, they’ll love Shaun the Sheep – Fleece Lightning. It’s just been released for iPhone and iPad, and costs 69p on the App Store.

As the name hints, this is all about how fast Shaun can go, as he races against a bunch of pigs in what’s described as an, ahem, ‘Championsheep themed race’. That means more than 80 farmyard courses, as Shaun leaps over jumps, gets around obstacles and picks up power-ups to foil his foes.

If your child is feeling particularly creative, there’s a level editor too, so they can create their own tracks, although you may want to do this together too.

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