Stella and Sam get a creative Draw Along app for iPad

Need more proof that apps can be a good introduction to characters and brands from other media? We’ve never seen the Stella and Sam TV show or books – my first experience of it was Zinc Roe’s Rainy Days: A Stella and Sam Adventure app.

It was a big hit with both our children, and there have since been several more apps in the series. The latest is very creative. Draw Along with Stella and Sam is an art app rather than a traditional story.

Your child chooses a shape, decorates it with patterns, and adds in photos taken with the iPad’s camera. Animations are also included, and the finished images can be saved and shared via the iPad’s Photo Album.

It’s well-crafted and just the thing for creative kids to play around with. The app is also good value too: it costs 69p on the App Store, for iPad only.

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