Scribbly stories: Doodle Tales, Draw Along Pip and Paper Dreams

Three new apps for kids that blend storytelling with drawing? That’s a trend in our book. The idea behind all three is that children don’t just passively read, but flex their creative muscles too.

We’ll start with Doodle Tales, which is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a free download.

Aiming at a wide age-range from preschool through to early-teens, it wants to get children turning their doodles into, well, tales.

That means creating digital pages using brushes, shapes, stamps, text and backgrounds, while recording their own voice narration, then ordering pages into a story.

You can buy in-app packs from children’s TV shows LazyTown and Numberjacks, if your kids are fans. We’re guessing more will follow if the app proves popular.

Sharing is a big part of the app too: stories can be uploaded for other Doodle Tales users to read, or you can just browse other people’s creations – rating and leaving comments on the ones you like.

Next up is Draw Along Pip, an iPad-only app that costs £1.49, and is based on a story by author and illustrator Leslie McGuirk starring Pip the Penguin.

Published by Skyreader Media, it features characterful cartoon visuals and interactivity, but also a feature called ‘Draw Along’.

The idea: whenever you see a dotted line on one of the book’s digital pages, your child can trace the shape with their fingers to draw it in and continue the story. Neat and nifty.

Finally, there’s Paper Dreams, although admittedly here the drawing is being done by the main character rather than your child.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and stars a little girl who “as she starts to doodle she begins to daydream… From a fairy to an astronaut she draws herself as being something different every day, drawing what she clothes she wears and then where she would go”.

Your child gets to dress her with the outfits while the story progresses. The app costs £1.99 on the App Store.

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