Want Moshi Monsters apps? Moshlings comes to iPhone and iPad

With more than 60 million children signed up for Moshi Monsters, it’s one of the most popular online virtual worlds for kids. Like many other children’s brands, it’s getting apps too.

One new one: Moshi Monsters: Moshlings. It’s just come out for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, costs 69p on the App Store, and focuses on the cute Moshlings pets from the main virtual world.

The app includes more than 60 of the creatures, with 100 stickers to personalise them to your heart’s content, before sending pics to friends and family. There are codes to get the Moshlings on the Moshi Monsters site, and the promise of more of them in future updates to this app.

We’re big fans of Moshi Monsters, and we know plenty of kids who’ve been champing at the bit for the full world to come to iPad in particular. That’s not happening (yet), but for now the Moshlings app will provide plenty of creative fun.

And if that’s not enough, we advise checking out Moshi Monsters MouthOff and Moshi Monsters: Buster’s Lost Moshlings, which are both good fun too.

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