Princess Fairy Tale Maker app is stickily creative

One criticism of Apple’s iPad a while back was that the tablet was good for consuming stuff, but not so good for creating it. Actually, in 2012 a number of apps for kids are helping to prove that wrong. Princess Fairy Tale Maker is the latest.

It’s the work of Duck Duck Moose, one of our favourite kid-app developers, and costs £1.49 as a universal download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As its name makes clear, we’re in big pink dress’n’wings territory here.

The app is all about creating and telling stories, with 32 backgrounds, 192 stickers and virtual crayons and pencils to conjure with. Everything is animated, and your child can record their own voice (or yours) telling the story as they move stickers around.

The results can then be saved and shared. It’s a good idea, and while an affinity for princesses (and fairies, mermaids, ballerinas etc) is required, that’s not necessarily just girls, depending on the age and play preferences of your children.

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