PlayART iPad app shows kids the Monet (and the Van Gogh, Cezanne…)

Fact: our two children’s artworks are way better than anything classic artists came up with. It’s the way they put big smiley mouths on everything, and also the seven-eyed monsters. One day, auction houses will agree with us. Possibly.

PlayART by Tapook is a new iPad app that aims to unite the worlds of classic art and children’s creativity, though. It’s free, and aims to encourage “children’s creativity through a playful and engaging activity of composition”. The composition being based on works by Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau and Paul Klee.

The idea: your child takes objects and shapes taken from these famous artists’ paintings, and then moves, rotates and resizes them however they like to make new creations, including combining elements from several or all of the artists.

Or to put it another way: isn’t it about time 5-13 year-olds were given the chance to mash up Van Gogh’s sunflowers with Monet’s waterlillies and Cézanne’s fruit? It’s a fab idea, and there are also videos narrated by children to tell your kids about the famous artists. Artworks can be saved and shared on Facebook too.

PlayART is free at the moment – the App Store description makes that sound like it’s only for a week though, so get in quick.


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