Clara Button has a V&A Magical Hat Day on iPad

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day started off as a print book published by the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London. Now the museum has turned it into a beautiful-looking iPad app.

The storyline remains the same: a day out at the V&A for Clara, older brother Ollie and their mum. Cue adventures with swords, tigers and more hats than you can shake a hatstand at. If you can shake a hatstand, obviously.

The illustrations are marvellous, just as they were in the book. Like many apps of this kind, there is voice narration – from the author Amy de la Haye herself – and the option to record your own voice reading the story.

There’s lots of interactivity and animation too: we’ve been playing with the app, and it’s safe to say there’s lots of stuff for your child to do, including some fun secrets hidden away. The app also has links to information about exhibitions at the real-world V&A, which may spark some ideas for summer visits.

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day costs £3.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only. Keep an eye on the app’s developer, MAPP Editions, too: their Koko the Great book-app is also worth a look.

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