Miko and Cola having ‘silly fun adventures’ on iPad

Developer Gabuduck is new to us, but their new iPad book-app Miko and Cola stands out from the crowd with its quirky illustration style and its focus on music as a key part of storytelling.

The app’s stars are Miko and Cola, described as “twisted kitties on their misadventures inside their charming and silly little world”. Gabuduck likes the S-word – the app is described as “The Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola” too. We like silliness, so this is all good with us.

Expect “off-the-wall friends, voices, dialogue and escapades” from this book-app, which is aimed at 5-11 year-olds. And music too: there are two songs for the story, and a feature called Art Jam to play them a bit more interactively than your average app soundtrack.

Art Jam? Yes, Art Jam is great, although it does involve spending a bit more money: 69p for each of the two songs.

Play one, and you’re presented with a screen with Miko and/or Cola, and other objects, tap on them, and some music starts – the more you tap, the more ‘controls’ you unlock to turn sound loops on and off – bass, strings, oohs and beep bops, etc.

You can record the music you create, and save screenshots of the elements in action. Art Jam is marvellous fun, and could easily be an app on its own. The fact that the characters are introduced in the main story first helps, though.

Miko and Cola costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only. We thoroughly recommend it.

One thought on “Miko and Cola having ‘silly fun adventures’ on iPad

  1. Paul Stevens says:

    I took your advice and purchased this book for my 7 year old daughter. We enjoyed it so much. Thanks for helping us find another fun book app.

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