Cyw crew star in Welsh/English children’s book apps for iPad

We often quote from the App Store listing for new apps, so here goes: “Mae anifeiliaid Cyw yn gwneud y sŵn rhyfeddaf, wel, pawb heblaw am Plwmp druan!”

Zoinks! Luckily, our deep knowledge of the Welsh language (*cough* developer Cube Interactive’s own translation) gives us a rough idea of the gist here: “The Cyw Animals are being very noisy, everyone expect for Plwmp.”

The description is of Band Cyw, a new musical iPad app from Cube that went live on the App Store today alongside another bilingual app from the company: Y Fferm.

The latter stars the same “Cyw crew” of cartoon animals, helping a farmer on his farm. The story is delivered in both Welsh and English, with mini-games to play. Cyw, incidentally, is a project worked on by Cube with broadcaster S4C in Wales.

We don’t see too many Welsh-language apps for children, so if your child is learning the language, the apps could be excellent aids to make the process engaging. But even if your kids have little or no connection with Wales, they look like they could be pretty fun.

What’s more, both Y Fferm and Band Cyw are currently free downloads on the App Store, both for iPad only. And Cube Interactive has a number of other apps worth investigating too.

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