Montessori Geometry app shapes up nicely on iOS

We’re very interested in the ideas behind Montessori education, but in our experience, a lot of the apps with ‘Montessori’ in their title are… well, a bit pish.

That’s not a problem with the Montessori philosophy itself, but more a sign that some developers think slapping the word into the title of a cheap, nasty app will bump up its educational credentials.

Thankfully, French developer Les Trois Elles isn’t one of those companies. We liked the look of their Montessori Letter Sounds HD iPad app earlier this year, and we’re even more impressed by their new release Montessori Geometry.

Aimed at 5-10 year-olds, it aims to explain geometry in a friendly and accessible way, covering 23 shapes with definitions, six mini-games and a pair of “globe-trotter twins” characters called Tam and Tao to give the learning a human face. Well, two faces.

It looks very attractive, and there’s an emphasis on dragging and dropping shapes for a tactile touchscreen feel. Meanwhile, Les Trois Elles have put a lot of effort into making it globally appealing: Besides English, it also offers French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese languages.

Montessori Geometry costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here’s a video demo:

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