Lego Minifigure Ultimate Stickers (iPad app review)

We’re relatively new to Lego’s Minifigures range of characters, as they tend to be just out of eyesight when our three year-old is excitedly furtling through the toy-car shelf at Sainsbury’s for his weekly good-behaviour reward.

We like the idea though: series of themed characters, which are eminently collectable, even if they’re sadly also eminently standable-on when left lying around the living room by careless (i.e. all) toddlers.

Hopefully you’re less likely to stand on your iPad, which is the latest place the Lego Minifigures have popped up. It’s an app called Lego Minifigure Ultimate Stickers released by book publisher DK.

The name makes its content pretty clear: digital stickers. A popular category on the App Store, and one well-suited to a range of colourful characters like these.

The app is split into two sections: Sticker Challenge and Free Play, with children unlocking stickers and backgrounds in the former to play with in the latter.

Sticker Challenge currently offers eight themes: Atlantis, City, Pirates, Train, Castle, Space, Adventurers and Agents. Tap on one from the menu screen, and you’re presented with a screen with spaces for a set number of stickers, and a scrolling carousel of said stickers at the bottom.

Your child has to match the spaces to same-shaped stickers by dragging and dropping. Get it right, and a little box pops up telling them more about the character, accompanied by suitable sound effects (and a nifty schlup sound when actually placing the sticker).

Match all the stickers on a screen, and you unlock the scene for the Free Play mode. Here, you choose a scene, then slap any stickers you like – including those from other scenes – onto the background. Pirates on spaceships, wizards on boats and so on. Stickers can be placed, rotated and expanded/shrunk using familiar multi-touch controls.

Much of the fun from stickers – whether physical or digital – comes in the sharing. Here, a handy camera button takes a screenshot of a scene and saves it to the iPad’s photo library, from which it can be printed, emailed or shared on social networks for grandparents/etc to admire.

Lego Minifigures Ultimate Stickers is very well done: easy to use and stylish to look at. The Free Play mode may well get your children telling their own stories about the characters, although it’s only fair to warn you that it may well also get your kids demanding real-world Minifigures more often too.

There’s scope to add more characters and scenes in updates over time, if DK and Lego so desire. Until then, this app is a good introduction for Minifigure newbies like ourselves, and a fun extension of the series for kids who have already bought (and stepped on) the toys.

Rating: 4/5

Lego Minifigure Ultimate Stickers costs £2.49 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

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