Crayola DigiTools iPad apps create 3D, Airbrush and Effects artworks

Update: Read our newer story for news on the Crayola DigiTools Ultra Pack going on sale in the UK.

Crayons brand Crayola is a veteran of this children’s apps lark now: we’ve written about its Paint & Create, Silly Face Swaps and Crayola: Ruckus Reader apps in the last year. Now it’s trying something new on iPad.

That something is Crayola DigiTools, which the company reckons will be “the next generation of digital art”. Due to be launched this side of Christmas, they’re physical packs of drawing tools, designed to be used on an iPad screen with companion apps.

The first three apps have just been released: Crayola DigiTools 3-D, Crayola DigiTools Airbrush and Crayola Digi-Tools Effects. Each is a free download for iPad only.

Crayola DigiTools 3-D is self-explanatory, helping your child create 3D scribbles that loom out of the iPad’s screen (when viewed through suitable glasses).

It comes with 25 backgrounds and 25 animated ‘stamps’ to decorate them with, while the physical pack includes the 3D glasses.

Crayola DigiTools Airbrush is more about spraying virtual paint onto a series of pictures, again with 25 backgrounds and 25 stamps to choose from, as well as in this case 25 virtual stencils to help your child make specific shapes.

Finally, Crayola DigiTools Effects is for jazzing up your digital colouring, with a range of effects from rainbows to glitter (the latter thankfully mess-free, unlike doing it in the real world). And again, there are 25 backgrounds and animated stamps to create with.

We like what Crayola is trying to do with its DigiTools, although the cynic inside us wonders why your children need physical accessories to create this kind of artwork on a touchscreen tablet – is that just superimposing a crayons’n’paper method onto a device where painting with fingers might be more fun?

Of course, you can do that too here: as far as we can tell, the apps have a ‘Try Me’ mode which offers some of the features for children who don’t have the DigiTools packs.

As we said, the apps are free, but we’ll keep you posted on the prices of the packs, which could be what persuades parents to opt in to Crayola’s arty iPad ambitions.

Here’s a video demo that we found from Children’s Technology Review which explains more:

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