Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab looks monstrous fun on iPad

With Halloween on the way, what better time for your children to be messing around with body parts to create a monster? Virtual ones, obviously, on an iPad.

Step (or rather lurch) forward Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab, a brand new app from books publisher DK that’s just come out for iPad.

“Step right into Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory to help him complete the ultimate experiment – creating a monster!” explains its App Store listing.

It’s more a game than a book, really: you have to grab falling body parts and drag them to the right place in five body systems – skeleton, brain/senses, heart/lungs, digestive system and muscles. Once done, you get to actually make a monster.

There’s still education here, since tapping empty spaces in the body systems pops up facts about them. Meanwhile, the final monsters can be shared by snapping a photo to send to family and friends.

It’s a fun idea, especially for children who are starting to learn about the human body’s systems, and have a taste for all things monstery.

Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

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