Ben 10 Game Generator 3 app lets kids get creative

Apparently more than one million children are playing the Ben 10 Game Generator games on iPhone and iPad, making the series one of the most popular on the App Store. Now it’s got a third episode.

Ben 10 Game Generator 3 sees Ben using the power of the Omnitrix (parents, ask your kids) to solve 50 puzzles stuffed with traps, enemies and obstacles, tapping their way through them.

But as the name makes clear, there’s a twist: children can ‘generate’ their own levels, placing power-ups, enemies and other objects onto the screen, then share them with friends and other players of the game over the internet.

They can download the levels created by other players too, storing up to 99 on their iPhone or iPad at once.

It’s a really good idea: even if your child isn’t into the whole level creation thing, they can enjoy those made by others, extending the game well past the basic 50 levels.

Ben 10 Game Generator 3 costs £1.49 on the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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