Grimm’s Snow White pops up on iPhone, iPad and Android

We love a good fairytale, and StoryToys has been one of the most reliable developers at turning famous fables into engaging apps for children. Its latest release is no different.

Grimm’s Snow White has all the elements you’d expect – downtrodden stepdaughter, evil queen, seven short fellas – in a lovely-looking digital pop-up book.

You get 39 text pages, and 11 of the 3D pop-up scenes. They’re not just for looking at: your kids will be building a snowman, hunting for the seven dwarves, guiding Snow White through a maze and playing with a magic mirror, among other activities.

As with previous StoryToys apps, there’s a real sense of craft here, right down to the soundtrack tootling along in the background.

Grimm’s Snow White costs £2.99 on the App Store, and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And if you’ve got an Android device, sing a rejoiceful ‘Hi Ho’, because it’s available for those too.

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