Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch is a creative iPad treat for kids

There’s something magical about a blank piece of paper (or a blank drawing-app canvas) as a child. You can scribble anything you want. But that can also be intimidating if you’re running low on ideas.

Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch is a new iPad app that tackles this very problem, in a creative and characterful way. We’re really impressed by it.

The idea: “You become a Night Zookeeper and take on creative drawing missions to look after thousands of magical animals and defeat the monsters that attack the zoo.” Oh yes, it’s a zoo full of magical animals, which is always nice.

So, it’s a drawing app, but one that suggests specific missions for your children to complete, rather than simply presenting them with a blank screen. Oh, and they roar to unlock it, which is a lovely touch.

“What do you think a Spying Giraffe looks like? Can you turn one of your friends or family into a strange animal? Could you draw a frog, if a monster has stolen the colour green?” as the App Store listing puts it.

They’ll be drawing with nine digital tools and 10 colours, with 22 missions to complete in this initial version. We met the developers recently, though, and without giving their game away, we can say there’s a lot more to come from the world of the Night Zookeeper, which manifests itself in a separate website too.

This app is just an introduction, albeit one that your children will have lots of fun with. Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch is a free download from the App Store, and runs on iPad only.

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