Wombi Detective app will get your children solving crimes

As far as we’re aware, nobody’s made a detective app for children before. It’s a great idea though, as shown by Wombi Apps’ new iPhone and iPad app Wombi Detective.

Its hero is detective Walter MacSneak, who’s been tasked with solving a robbery – given the target age group, a grisly murder really wouldn’t do, after all. Your child’s job is to help Walter with the detection.

That means grilling witnesses, hunting for clues and tracking down the stolen goods, against a really atmospheric film-noir soundtrack. It’s an inventive way to package up a collection of fun mini-games.

Okay, so children might not catch all those noir reference points – parents certainly will – but they’ll enjoy the mystery elements, the characterful witnesses and the sense of achievement when they find a clue.

Wombi Detective costs £1.49 on the App Store and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here’s a demo video to give you a taste of its charms:

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