Sakura Time app teaches kids the time (and a bit of maths)

For a lot of parents, the main clock-related thing they want their children to learn is this: 5.45am is NOT an acceptable time of day for shouting, singing or playing trampoline-on-the-sleeping-daddy. Really, it isn’t.

Once you get onto the more serious business of teaching children to actually tell the time using clocks, though, you may need some help. Enter Sakura Time, a very nifty-looking iPad app.

Using a series of fun challenges, it helps kids learn to set and tell the time on analogue and digital clocks – good, because a lot of time-related apps we’ve seen focus on one or the other. It supports 12-hour and 24-hour time too.

The app also throws in a bit of maths, with exercises about finding the difference between two clocks. Oh, and there are sections where children actually trace numbers onto the screen with their finger, so it could be good for handwriting too. Well, handwriting numbers, anyway.

Developer Shiny Things Software reckons the app is good for 6-12 year-olds, tracking their learning with pretty graphs as they go – good for parents, but also for the children to see their progress.

So no, it won’t put an end to early-morning daddy-trampolining – a sport we’re considering putting our three year-old forward for at the 2016 Olympic Games. But Sakura Time might be just the thing for helping older kids make sense of clocks.

The app costs £1.49 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

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