Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes get Stickers with Sounds apps

It feels like only a few days since we were writing about Night & Day Studios’ nifty Batman and Superman Stickers with Sounds apps. Mainly because, well, it IS only a few days.

Now there are two more which we think will get parents and children even more excited: Tom and Jerry: Stickers with Sounds and The Looney Tunes Show: Stickers with Sounds.

That’s right, some of the most-loved cartoon characters ever are now available for your kids to make colourful scenes with on the iPad, slapping virtual stickers onto scenes, then saving them to share with family and friends.

Both apps work in a similar way, with a scrolling menu of stickers at the bottom of the screen, ready to be dragged and dropped onto the various backgrounds.

The Looney Tunes app includes characters like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweetie Pie, Tasmanian Devil and Yosemite Sam, while the Tom and Jerry app focuses on the famous cat and mouse, along with some of their co-stars.

Both apps cost 69p on the App Store for the next week, before going up to £2.99, so if they appeal, it’s worth getting in early. They’re both iPad-only apps for now.

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