My Beastly ABCs app stomps onto the iPad

Looking to give your little monsters some practice with their alphabet? How about enlisting some big monsters for the job? That’s the idea behind a new iPad app called My Beastly ABCs.

It’s the work of a developer called Duncan Studio, and takes the form of a beautifully-illustrated 39-page book-app with lots of interactivity and sound. And Boogie Monsters, which is always nice.

The voice narration comes from a famous name too: actor Jim Dale. Parents may know him from his appearances in the Carry On films, although more recently he’s done some marvellous work narrating the Harry Potter audiobooks.

The app will see your kids fighting bullies, playing with unicorns and will-o-the-wisps, and meeting a host of other beasts, with the alphabet aspects providing a light and never-dry educational aspect.

My Beastly ABCs costs £2.49 / $3.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

Duncan Studio raised just under $38,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter earlier this year to make the app. Hopefully they’ll sell plenty of downloads, as we’d love to see more apps from the company.

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