Duck Duck Moose gets bookish with Kindergarten Reading app

This is probably one more for our US readers: an app called Kindergarten Reading that teaches phonics for young children, tying in with the American Common Core State Standards educational system.

It looks very good though: nine word and letter-based activities helping children to learn their phonics while playing with colourful zoo characters, led by a meerkat named Milo.

More than 200 words are included to practise with, and there’s a parental reports section so you can sneak a nosy look at how your children are progressing.

There’s also – and this is a nifty idea – a separate Kindergarten Reading workbook which you can download and print out from developer Duck Duck Moose’s website, with eight more pages of colouring and reading to do.

Kindergarten Reading is available in two separate versions on the App Store: one for iPhone/iPod touch, and an HD version for iPad. Both cost £1.49 (or $1.99 if you’re in the US).

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