Explore The Land of Me in three new iPad apps

Back in February this year we wrote about a creative iPad app called The Land of Me: Story Time, which gave your children a hand in creating its stories. Now it’s been re-released by developer Made in Me, along with a pair of other Made in Me apps.

The Land of Me – Story Time is still one of them. It lets kids choose the hero and plot, as well as its mood (funny, happy, sad…), tapping on characters and words to alter the narrative.

The second app is The Land of Me – Making Things, and as the title implies, your children will be building objects as well as stories, tapping on the words to switch between, for example, a jelly palace on water and a paper windmill on rock.

Finally, there’s The Land of Me – Songs and Rhymes, which has a more musical focus. Here, children tap on words again to change the nature of the music: a quick um-pah song, a slow doo-wop song and so on. The music comes from an animal band.

It’s a clever idea: by changing the words to alter what’s happening, children get to think about what those words mean.

All three apps cost £1.99 on the App Store, and are iPad-only.

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