Kids count fishes with Disney’s Numbers with Nemo app

It’s funny to think that the Finding Nemo film came out in 2003, yet it’s still finding millions of young fans who weren’t born until a few years later.

Now it’s become the basis for Disney’s new educational app, Numbers with Nemo. It’s an engaging first-maths app for kids, helping them practise counting from one to 10, as well as tracing numbers, counting objects and other fun tasks.

“Children are welcomed to join their undersea friends in lots of fun-filled activities that reinforce early math skills, including: counting and tracing numbers, counting and matching the number of objects in different groups, number identification, and sequencing,” explains its App Store listing.

Creative elements include digital stickering to make your own Nemo scenes, and the ability to record your own voice counting the numbers.

There’s also a parents’ zone to keep tabs on how your children are progressing through the app – although to be honest, at this age, we think it’s more likely you’ll be using it with them, and seeing how they’re doing first-hand.

Numbers with Nemo costs £2.49 on the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And a good counterpart, if you’re attracted by the Disney/education combination, is Letters with Pooh, an app starring Winnie the Pooh which came out earlier this year.

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