Amelia and Terror of the Night gets dark on iPhone and iPad

Some apps leap out at you for their atmosphere and graphics when you first see them. Amelia and Terror of the Night, a new book-app from developer OhNoo Studio, is one of those.

Described as “an interactive graphic story book for all”, it tells the tale of Amelia and three quirky friends: “Big furry creature TeddyTeddy, a blue two wheeled cat named Kitty-Patter, and shy little tortoise called Little Pencil”.

The storyline focuses on their efforts to rescue a friend from the “devious dark creature” Whine, with four mini-games, 42 screens and a proper soundtrack with voice narration. Oh, and an animal orchestra, which is always nice.

We’d definitely say that this is for slightly older children due to its dark and slightly nightmarish nature. That’s not a criticism – in fact, this is exactly why we think those older children will love it – but more to say it might not make for settling bedtime reading for, say, a sensitive five year-old!

But the app does look beautiful: if film director Tim Burton made apps, he’d quite possibly make something that looks like Amelia and Terror of the Night, which is high praise.

It costs £2.99 on the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There’s also a separate Lite version available as a free download if you want to sample the story before paying for the full thing.

Here’s a video demo showing it in action:

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