Rounds: Parker Penguin waddles onto iPhone and iPad

We literally don’t have a bad word to say about penguins, whether in wrapped-chocolate biscuit form or flightless-Antarctic-bird form. And we Love The Work of apps publisher Nosy Crow.

So we’re excited about the launch of their new Rounds: Parker Penguin app, even if there isn’t a chocolate biscuit in sight. This is all about animal penguins: an app to teach children about their biology, habits and life cycle.

If that sounds dry, don’t worry: this follows in the footsteps of the excellent Rounds: Franklin Frog, which did the same thing for frogs with engaging animations and fun interactive activities.

Here, that means your child will be “sliding, swimming, hunting, marching, protecting an egg, and hatching a chick” while learning lots of interesting facts – the kind you’ll be hearing for weeks in a “Do you know, Daddy/Mummy…” way.

We’ve been having a play this morning, and it’s marvellous. Rounds: Parker Penguin costs £2.99 / $4.99 on the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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