Get creative with Wombi Ice Cream and Wombi Airplane

It’s a busy December for Swedish children’s apps developer Wombi Apps, with two brand new digital toys on the App Store: Wombi Ice Cream and Wombi Airplane.

Wombi Ice Cream sees your child running their own ice-cream van, creating cups, cones and bowls of colourful joy. There are multiple flavours to choose from, as well as sprinkles and decorations to add.

Six cartoon customers will rock up to the van and let you know what they think of your creations too. It’s very reminiscent of the apps from fellow Swedes Toca Boca, which is a compliment.

Wombi Airplane sees your child taking to the skies, building a plane and then flying it over trees and mountains, collecting treasure boxes and avoiding birds and “an evil skunk that is out to sabotage your flight”.

It looks like a neat mix of creativity and gameplay, with a simplicity that means younger children won’t get frustrated.

Wombi Ice Cream costs £1.49 on the App Store and runs in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Likewise, Wombi Airplane is £1.49 and also runs on all iOS devices. Free sample versions of both apps are also available.

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